1015:Good Ending

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SHJ, ZSW, LWJ are good friends. One day, they want to play a game.

There are 6 numbers on the table. 

Firstly, SHJ can change the order of 6 numbers.

Secondly, ZSW take the first one and the last one, sum them up as his scores.

Thirdly, LWJ take any of 3 numbers from the last 4 numbers, and sum them up as his scores.

Finally, if ZSW's score is larger than LWJ's, ZSW wins! 

If ZSW's score is smaller than LWJ's, ZSW loses.

If the scores are equal, there is a tie.

Nowadays, it's really sad that ZSW loses his love. So SHJ wants him to win(not even tie). You have to tell SHJ whether he can achieve his goal.


There is a number T shows there are T test cases below. (1 <= T <= 2e5)

For each test case, there are 6 numbers Ai. (1 <= Ai <= 1e9)


If SHJ can achieve his goal, output "ZSW is the Winner!"

If he can not, output "What a sad story!"


1 2 3 3 2 2

2 2 2 2 2 2

1 2 2 2 3 4


What a sad story! 

What a sad story! 

ZSW is the Winner!


If the scores are equal, then ZSW loses it, and the ending is so bad.


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Beta Halloween Round#4

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